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Interior Design Consultation

Looking to revamp your living space? Our team can provide expert interior design consultation, offering guidance on color schemes, furniture arrangements, and lighting to help you achieve a cohesive and stylish look.

Furniture & Fabrics

We will assist you in selecting the perfect pieces of furniture and fabrics that fit the style and design of your space, ensuring that they are comfortable, functional, and stylish.


Proper lighting is crucial to any space's beauty and functionality. Let Linda Rickles and her team assist you in selecting and installing lighting fixtures that provide the illumination, ambiance, and style your space deserves.

Window Treatments

We will help you select and install window treatments that match the style and design of your space, providing necessary light control, privacy, and style.

Whole Home Renovation

Our team will create a comprehensive renovation plan that meets your specific needs and preferences, transforming your entire home, including the interior and exterior, into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Universal Design

We will design spaces that are accessible and safe for people of all ages and abilities, ensuring that the space is functional, comfortable, and safe for everyone.

Interior & Exterior Color Consultation

We will help you select the right colors for the interior and exterior of your home, creating the desired mood and atmosphere that complements the design and style of your space.